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FAQs: Why should I outsource to freelancers?

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What a great time to be alive! Modern technology has changed most of our lives to the point where we can never go back. But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. In this modern age: new frontiers in business have revolutionised the office environment. From huge corporations to small start-up companies, businesses have been taking advantage of virtual staff for nearly two decades.

In more recent times, The Cloud has enabled all types of business to make use of professionals without having the expense of paying out large salaries. This new ‘cyberspace office’ allows business owners to find expertise from around the globe and outsource jobs for reasonable fees, even for the small business owner.

These days, entrepreneurs are looking for new ideas and concepts. By outsourcing your project, you’ll be able to tap into the creative talents of freelancers who specialise in a particular field – all of whom can bring fresh perspectives and innovation to your products and services.

As an employer, you post a project, whether it’s for writing, proofreading, copyediting, website design, data entry, email marketing, administrative help or anything else you may need. Then you sit back and wait for proposals (job estimates) to come in. Based on what get, you can make an informed decision as to whether you would like a particular freelancer for your business. You’ll pay them an agreed upon fee, but won’t be responsible for their taxes, holiday time, health insurance or sick days. A freelancer works on a project by project basis and only gets paid when you have work to offer them.

After a while, if you’re happy with your freelancer, you will develop a working relationship with them, which will aid in a greater understanding, allowing for even faster completion of projects.

Work benefits

The benefits of outsourcing to freelancers

As mentioned above, the biggest benefit from hiring a freelancer is you only employ them when you need them. They are responsible for paying their taxes, and you don’t have to pay them holiday pay, health insurance or sick pay. For as little as £9 per hour, you can have someone taking care of all your business’ written and promotional work for just a few hours a week, or full-time as required.

Of course, anyone who runs a business understands the difficulty of keeping full-time staff on when things are slow. Business owners usually have to choose between carrying the financial burden of employees, or the painful task of letting them go and starting the hiring process again once business picks up.

Hiring freelance staff can be a flexible, cost-effective way to bring new skills and fresh perspectives into your business, without permanently adding to your overheads. For a lot of jobs, it’s far more efficient to hire freelance talent. A freelancer who works from home will not have a lot of overhead costs, so they can offer you cheaper rates.

The reason a lot of freelancers work for themselves is because they want to set their own hours. That kind of flexibility can benefit you as well as the freelancer. After you’ve closed up shop for the night, your freelancer may still be updating your website, posting a blog, answering your Facebook fans or proofreading some documents, all ready for Monday morning.

Depending on the sector they work in, freelancers keep their costs down by often working from home – making them cheaper than employees. Freelancers are small business people, and the good ones know they are more likely to make a profit when they meet your deadlines, exceed your expectations and so on. Good freelancers have experience with a lot of different businesses. Each job they work on adds more knowledge to their craft, and more skills to their repertoire. You get the benefit of all that experience too.

One of the hassles of hiring new staff is having to train them before they are up to speed and able to contribute to your bottom line. Freelancers, on the other hand, are used to working on their own. You still need to define your expectations clearly, and give them access to the company resources they’ll need, but you won’t have to sit and explain everything. You’ll be able to focus on your own projects while your freelancer completes the assignments you’ve given them.

The flexibility that comes with using freelancers can be especially useful; you may only need a few hours’ work a week on an ad-hoc basis, but freelancers can easily accommodate this style of working. Investing wisely in a carefully chosen freelancer could mean the difference between success and failure for small businesses that are doing so many other things right. If you’re ready to give it a try, contact Noble Wordsmiths, and let us help you better connect with your customers.

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